About Us

Mindsteam focus on mental health programs that can provide huge employability opportunity to graduates & health care professionals.

What We're All About

Mindstream is a unique wellness concept developed by a group of expert doctors, psychologists, and veterans from the domain along with a great R&D team to develop a mental health curriculum to create qualified professionals who could take care of the mental well-being of individuals to enhance their productivity and help to lead a life of calmness. Our aim is to bring in a lot of employment opportunities for a lot of professionals in the health care field making hospitals & clinical enterprises a strong & powerful environment. We also have wellness training programs in Mindstream that help your employees learn to implement healthy choices in their lives, making them healthier in the long run, improving their health, and reducing the risks of health problems. Our specific wellness programs encourage a holistic approach to the wellbeing of the individual to create a healthy personal & corporate culture.

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Our vision is to create a highly competent, quality-oriented mental health care professionals who are trained to design, deliver and manage quality wellness services with confidence that soothes and serves the community with humanity and compassion.


To contribute our expertise in Behavioural Research, Skill Development, Training and Academic Development in all associated disciplines. We also intend to provide a lot of job opportunities in the form of school counsellors and other mental health professionals to hospitals and clinical enterprises. Implement several innovative training programs in wellness & mental health care that will help in reaching wellness and mental health care to all segments of people.


Mindstream Wellness strives to deliver the best wellness that will turn around and bring a difference to your life and mind. Our values mainly concentrate on Providing mental health care facilities and programs. Catering to the needs of the clients and customers to ensure that everything is run in a smooth manner from a personal and professional point of view. An organisation that promotes an innovative & value added approach to bring an intense positive change in mental health care segment across the globe

Why study with Mindstream Academy

The perfect destination to learn about mental health domain in deep

Methodical in approach

Mindstream follows a very disciplined & implementable approach to be the change makers of the millennia in the mental health stream after performing a through R & D.

Trendy in technology

We have blended our concept with the new as well as the upcoming trends & approaches that makes us a vital part in the education sector with details to depth.

Teaching with excellence

Experienced professionals from different domains have collaboratively worked to achieve the vision of being the top rated in the mental health academy stream.


The words from people who have attended our amazing sessions

I was smitten by the amazing sessions offered by talented educators from various fields of psychology and with a plethora of novel and diverse insight.
Sohoni Mondal
Psychologist Student
I am a Psychologist and I happened to attend a few internship sessions of Mindstream academy which were amazing & have me a new perspective in the field of Psychology.
Siju Bhasker
The internship experience on mental health was awesome. Since I was new to this field, the internship did really help me to learn a lot of new terms about the subject.
Sohini Satiar
Psychologist Student
Mindstream academy has given a thorough training on clinical therapy in a duration of 8 weeks that helped to interacts with people & understanding them better.
Rinsi Pavithran
Aviation & Travel Management