Certificate Course in School Counselling

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  • Course level: Intermediate
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  • Last Update February 6, 2022


This course gives a basic introduction to Psychology, basic student counselling techniques for small children to adolescents, introduction to developmental psychology and child and adolescent psychology, common types of mental illness in children, signs, and symptoms of mental illness in children, causes and risk factors for mental illness in children, Psychological Attributes to Addiction substance use tendencies among children and adolescents, treatment therapies for children, child abnormal psychology, specific learning disabilities in children and Psychological Testing for Children.

What you will learn?

  1. You will learn to sustain and enhance the Mental Health of School Children.
  2. You will learn the basic skills in Psychological Counselling of Children and Adolescents.
  3. You will learn to identify Mental Health and Illnesses aimed at knowing about Adolescent Children and Possible difficulties and Adolescent will face.
  4. You will learn to understand the possible stressors in student life, and to identify signs, to help them by being an active listeners and companions.
  5. You will Learn to identify psychiatric conditions in children leading to poor school performance, persistent boredom, frequent physical complaints such as stomach aches, headaches, appetite problems, sleep walking, bedwetting, throwing tantrums, mobile addictions, aggressive behaviour in Children and Adolescents.
  6. Learn to identify key factors of substance among children, mobile addiction and psychological implications, suicidal tendencies etc.
  7. Will learn to assist children and their parents in getting professional help at the early stage of any mental health issues.


  • Graduates in any Discipline or Teachers who have completed Teachers Training Certificate (TTC) or B.Ed.