Internship in Social Work

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  • Course level: Intermediate
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  • Last Update March 4, 2022


A virtual internship outcome-based program that encompasses all the social work essentials including top priority areas like managing humanitarian relief, rehabilitation of sex workers & other marginalised sections, social work administration, lgbtq inclusion, psychiatric patient care, domestic violence, social work research, juvenile justice and handling Psychiatric Social Work in compliance with the Mental Health Act.

What you will learn?

  • You will learn the Approaches and Methods of Public health
  • You will learn community development work implementation, handling family welfare, Domestic violence against women, while also understand concepts of sex education and LGBT.
  • You will learn Human Rights, Juvenile justice and rehabilitation and how social rehabilitation works for sex workers and HIV/AIDS Prevention.
  • You will learn Psychiatric Social Work in compliance with the Mental Health Act and Mental health care treatment practices with basic counselling techniques
  • You will learn Social Rehabilitation for Commercial Sex Workers and other Marginalised Population
  • You will also be exposed to the tenets of social work administration and also Geriatric Care, De Addiction Service Management
  • You will learn to Manage Humanitarian Relief especially in Disasters and Pandemic situations.
  • You will get to know on the tools of social work Research and employee welfare management in factories/offices/ organizations etc.


  • BSW/MSW/M.Phil. Social Work or Allied Subject Areas