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Director Online /Academy affairs

Ms. Sayantani Sinha

Ms. Sayantani Sinha holds a Fellowship in Psycho-Oncology, A Masters in Applied Psychology (MSC in Psychology) with the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Diploma in Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (Indian Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Ms. Sayantani has expertise in child and adolescent problems, stress management, behaviour Therapy (ABA Therapy), De-addiction counselling, Individual Psychotherapy, Post-traumatic stress disorder management Psychological Diagnosis for adults and children. Ms. Sayantani also has experience in implementing various ABA procedures in the functional Living Skills Program at the clinic and is well versed in teaching functional communication training to ADLs and Functional living skills. She has also volunteered as a psychology professional in Child and Law, and has been a Facilitator at National Workshop conducted by UGC for Clinical and Experimental Therapeutic Hypnosis, Bangalore.

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Meet our amazing bunch of tutors who have quite an experience & expertise in both corporate wellness as well as in teaching.


Dr.Anindita Majumdar

Dr. Anindita completed her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Calcutta and is an Assistant Professor at Amity University, Calcutta.  She is an RCI registered Rehabilitation Psychologist with more than 9 years of work experience with extensive experience in practicing Psychometric Assessment, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Child Development & Parenting Psycho-educational Training, and Behavioural & Educational Management in the field of Special Educational Intervention.


Dr. Vandana Singh

Dr. Vandana Singh is a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Allahabad. She is an expert Academician and Researcher who is highly skilled in Research methods, SPSS, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy. She has worked as an Assistant professor in Amity University, Kolkata, Mumbai, and now Mentors on Positive psychology. She has taught several students & also guided many researchers in the field of Clinical Psychology.


Dr Sharmitha Krishnamurthy

Dr Sharmitha Krishnamurthy is a Health Entrepreneur & a Mental Health Educator who is the Director and Head, Public Health Division at Augmenta Health. Garnering a strong foundation in Public Mental Health, she meritoriously completed a one-year post-graduate fellowship in Mental Health Education from NIMHANS. She is also the recipient of SPIRIT (Suicide Prevention & Implementation Research Initiative) Fellowship, a South Asia Implementation Research Fellowship in Mental Health.


Dr. Uma Krishnan

Dr Uma is an MSc, MPhil, and Ph.D. in Psychology and is widely known for her academic pursuits and research in Child Psychology. Dr. Uma is also associated with Schools for Special Education Needs (SEN) and has published many research papers in the area of Improving conversation skills using technology-based intervention among children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Adolescents who are dealing with Self Esteem, Academic Stress & psychological well being.


Dr. Sreelatha Ghosh Chowdhury

Dr Sreelata Ghosh Choudhury did her Ph.D.2009 on tests used in thesis includes Anxiety, Depression, Hopelessness, Acceptance of Disability, Ego Strength, Locus of Control. Her field of specialization on Counselling and Guidance, Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, Clinical Psychology, Special Education Training of Teachers, Placement of PWD, Community Based Rehabilitation. Her experiences are with the National Institute for Orthopedically Handicapped as Vocational Counsellor & United Nations Volunteer-Specialist.


Ms. Kimberly Pereira

Ms. Pereira has been a Mental health counselor with immense experience in dealing with very complicated cases, she has a Master’s in Child Psychology, Industrial & Clinical Psychology and also Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Counselling in modalities of Counselling techniques including the Robert R. Carkhuff personal Counselling techniques which include humanness into psychotherapy and evaluate the response to therapy advanced clinical psychology.


Ms Aditi Bhartiya

Ms.Aditi is a well-known fertility counsellor who has been largely associated with fertility counselling and has been instrumental in saving several marriages by effectively handling marital discords along with neuro-pediatrics, speech and language, occupational and sensory integration therapy.She is closely associated with professionals from Stanford University along with top Indian medical institutions such as AIIMS, Sir Ganga Ram, and VIMHANS hospitals.


Ms Pooja Jamwal

Ms. Pooja is an M.Phil in Forensic Psychology from National Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat .She has acquired good exposure and training in different forensic investigation tools from the Directorate of Forensic Sciences (Gandhinagar, Gujarat). Ms. Pooja is well acquainted with diverse forensic Investigation tools such as Polygraph, BEOS, LVA, SDS, and also has good exposure to Narco-Analysis and she is trained in using Psychological tests.


Ms. Sananda Paul

Ms. Sananda Paul draws her immense experience as a Counselling Psychologist & is a specialist in family and marital counselling . She also further acquired her professional degree in Image consultation, and Soft skills and has been largely associated with Amity University and Rabindra Bharati University in the past.



Jithin K Gopinath is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist & a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. His benchmark in the field of psychology came in while serving as the performance coach for IPL, Team Mumbai Indians during Season VI. He has conducted workshops in India , Nepal, Sri lanka, Germany & Middle East.


Ms Anna Marie Gurung

Ms Gurung has a Master’s Degree in Yoga Therapy and Bachelor’s Degree in Yoga Science with 13 years of experience. She has been highly Passionate about teaching authentic yoga, and guiding individuals to reach their health goals, along with adopting yoga to heal different health issues & stay fit.